August 13th, 2008

Sometime last year I noticed a lady walking in a store with a very cute colorful bag with tons of characters thrown all over it. I really wanted to know what it was, but I didn’t have much to go on to start a search … Then my cousin (who’s currently living in Hawaii) came to visit recently and I saw that she had the same type of purse! It was a different purse, but was the same character style. She told me a little bit about it and that’s when I started my search for Tokidoki. I soon realized that I’ve actually seen this guy’s flash site years ago BEFORE he went huge and started a product line. I loooved his art style and he’s amazing with flash.

The Italian artist, Simone Legno, was in Rome, Italy when he created his awesome flash site. In 2003 he was offered a deal to move to LA and build Tokidoki into a brand. So he did. And now there are tons of Tokidoki brand products out there. He’s got product lines with Smashbox (cosmetics), Ride (snowboards), Fornarina (shoes), Hello Kitty, New Era (hats), LeSportSac (bags/purses), iSkin (ipod skins), Mikasa (soccer ball), jewelery, clothing, watches, belt buckles, toys, stickers, and much more.

Here’s the current Tokidoki site from Simone. It’s a combination of a store and his artwork and flash skills. It’s not the same site I remember, but it still has some of his older work in there like the flash games, etc…:

If you want to read Simone’s whole story, you can read it here:

I personally fell in love with Tokidoki for LeSportSac bags. Unfortunately for me I fell in love with it right after LeSportSac discontinued it. LeSportSac ran the Tokidoki line from 2006-2007. But thankfully they’re doing some re-releases of some prints (only in Hawaii and Guam, though). Although, they just started to release some more Tokidoki bags on, but they aren’t LeSportSac. I have to give a big thanks to my cousin who is kind enough to pick me up a Tokidoki for LeSportSac while in Hawaii. Otherwise I’d have to resort to overpaying on Ebay and risk the possibility of obtaining a fake…I have to say that one of my favorite characters is Cloudia, and there’s isn’t too much products with her except a watch. =( A side note: I’ve never bought any brand name purses before (except Puma, but that’s not that expensive). This would be the first time that I’ve spent over $50 for a purse. And the bad part is that I want at least 2 Tokidoki purses now!!!

Oh I have to give props to this Tokidoki fan blog site. She has amazing information about Tokidoki on here; basically anything that you want to know about Tokidoki, she’ll be able to tell you or it’s already on the site. It’s fairly up to date and I stare at the “Tokidoki Bag Archive” page almost everyday, dreaming till the day I get one…

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Totally get what you’re feeling gurl! I always gotta get my Tokidoki fix, and sometimes wanna know whats real vs fake. You gotta use ur best judgement but check out, always fresh tokidoki gear, clothing, qees… even skate decks! Good place to browse what’s new in tokidoki.

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