Cupcake Pincushions

July 1st, 2008

I stumbled upon these really cute pincushions that Betz White creates. I REALLY, REALLY want one, but is a little pricey since I don’t even need a pincushion. They are handcrafted and made out of felt (left over sweaters). She has a cute site and blog. She was even on Martha Stewart showing how to make her cute little “cup o’ joe pincushions”. She is extremely talented as you can tell in her blog. I think she has a couple of books out as well showing how to make some of her awesome creations; one of them is called Warm Fuzzies – 30 Sweet Felted Projects. I’ve seen some people try to make these, and they definitely aren’t as cute as hers – so I’m definitely not gonna try to make it myself. I’m too lazy to make one and I’m too cheap to buy one…sucks for me. =(

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