Denver, CO

June 26th, 2008

Jeh and I are in Denver this week for his work. I figure since I have time off and this might be my only chance to travel with him on a work trip that I’d tag along. As we were flying in, we noticed that the land around here is VERY flat. Of course as we were driving to Boulder, CO last night to meet up with his co-workers for dinner, we found that it is definitely not flat. It is SO beautiful here. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. With the mountains all around you, plus the crazy weather that gives beautiful clouds with sun rays shining through, it’s just gorgeous–stuff you only see in photographs and paintings. Of course I live in Seattle, so I’m not used to that type of scenery.

The weather here is kind of crazy. During the day it is bright and sunny and in the mid to high 80’s. As 6pm rolls around, so does the clouds and winds. Last night on the way back from Boulder (a 50 min scenic drive back to our hotel in Highlands Ranch), there was an awesome thunderstorm–TONS of lightening everywhere. I agree with Jeh; who needs fireworks? Lightening is so much more exciting and beautiful than fireworks to me. Too bad lightening is so unpredictable.

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