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June 10th, 2008

I’m torn. I’ve been so excited and pumped for SE’s XPERIA X1 phone to come out in Mid-September, but I’ve just been shown videos of Google’s Android (an open and free mobile platform). HERE‘s a quick rundown of what it is, keep in mind that this is sorta an old article (Times Online, Nov. ’07). HTC is making one of the first phones to run Android and is going to be called “Dream”. Of course, we’ll have to wait till the end of this year before this phone is released. Some features that’s been leaked is that the HTC Dream phone will have a 3″x5″ touchscreen and will have a qwerty keypad underneath the touchscreen and will either swivel out or slide out. Sounds interesting. I can’t wait till photos of the real thing gets released/leaked!!! HERE is a link to a BBC Video of a prototype of phone running Android (article written Feb. ’08), of course no one knows what the final product will look like.

I just can’t decide whether I should just get the XPERIA X1, which I’ve been excited about for the longest time, or wait just a little bit longer for the “Dream” phone. My main concern about the XPERIA is that it’s running on Windows Mobile…meaning it will be laggy, which would most likely bug the crap outta me. Seeing the Android videos makes me want it instantly. Android has so much potential and it’s capable of so much that I just can’t think of a GOOD reason why I shouldn’t wait till the end of the year for it.

Here are some more links to videos and pictures from Google’s I/O Conference:
Times Online
Android Community
Apple Insider

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I think that the Android look good, in theory, but Google is pretty much untested in the cell phone market. Remember how many problems Apple had with their I-phone?

I myself want the Ericsson, never had problems with Sony and they know what they are doing.

Check this site out for more info, I think its pretty great, and makes me want the Xperia more!

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