Possible mid-September release date for SE XPERIA X1

May 8th, 2008

Apparently the company Handango had sent out a newsletter that XPERIA X1 will be launching with their InHand service. Handango’s InHand service is basically a download client (for Pocket PCs and MS Smartphones) that allows you to browse their catalog of software on your phone without having you to connect to the network. They also mentioned something a little more exciting: “The XPERIA X1 will launch in mid-September 2008“. Of course, we don’t know how official that is. Things like that seem to change…so we’ll see. Personally, mid-September is TOO far away! I’ve waited far too long for a “real” phone. I’ve had a free phone since high school (about 9-10 years) and it’s time I get something new and worth paying for.

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