Baked Beans

April 3rd, 2010

I receive America’s Test Kitchen e-newsletters and sometimes they link you to a video recipe from their show. I saw the recipe for Boston Baked Beans and I couldn’t get my mind off of it. I bought my first enameled cast-iron pot last week and broke it in by making braised short ribs. I LOVE this pot! It’s not the luxury brand that’s over $200, Le Creuset (although, it would have been nice to get one). I got the budget, but VERY highly rated, Lodge brand. Everyone says that Lodge is just as good as Le Creuset, with a small chance of it chipping but its not something you should really have to pay over $200 for. I got mine from Amazon for only $50 and I think it’s an amazing buy. I also purchased the Le Creuset replacement Stainless-steel knob to go with my blue Lodge. Apparently, all these beautiful enameled cast-iron pots (whether luxury or budget) usually can withstand up to around 500 degrees F in the oven. But they all come with a knob made of resin, which is safe in the oven up to approximately  375 degrees. Now what is the use of that? Why make a pot that can be safe in 500 degrees, but the lid can’t because of the knob? It’d make more sense if this was the case for only the budget brands, but the brands that cost over $200? Really? I just find that ridiculous and feel sorry for those that paid the $200 and felt like they needed to purchase something that should have already come with it. The knob only costs $10.

So after breaking my pot in with beautiful braised short ribs, I decided to try making baked beans from the video. I made some changes and it turned out pretty good! It’d be a wonderful side dish in the summer with BBQ. Next recipe to test out with my new pot? No-knead Bread!

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