Hawaiian Pita Pizza

March 23rd, 2010

Delicious, scrumptious, pizza goodness in your mouth! I needed my pizza fix and stumbled upon this recipe from noobcook.com. You can use any topping and any sauce you want. I used pocketless whole wheat pita and I made my own pizza sauce, because it was so simple and I already had the ingredients, plus I didn’t want to open a 1 lb. jar of spaghetti sauce just for a few pita pizzas. I baked it for almost 20 mins until my pita was crispy. Tasted just like a flat bread pizza. It’s a great quick lunch idea. I adjusted the pizza sauce recipe a bit since I didn’t have tomato paste but had canned tomatoes on hand: http://www.cookpatrol.com/?p=253

Cori added me and Sara to her food blog so we can all add recipes! Check it out! http://www.cookpatrol.com/

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