March 9th, 2010

Lately, I’ve been getting into cooking — lots and lots of cooking. Before I was married and had school or worked, I called myself a baker and not a cook. Jeh was the cook, between the two of us. I only liked to bake sweet things and sucked at cooking anything else. Even then I hardly baked. Though I preferred it over regular cooking, it was rare if I baked and I really didn’t try out many things. Well, times have changes and I never thought I would be cooking dishes as I do now. I’ve always wanted to be a cook, but never had the motivation to do it.

I’d have to give credit for all of my motivation to cook to Compiling all these amazing looking food made me want to cook them. And as I read through the recipes and saw how simple they were, I kept thinking, “I could do that!”. And so I did. Thank’s to Evernote, I’ve complied over 280 recipes. With all these awesome dishes that I’m trying out makes me want to blog about them and spread the word about how awesome certain recipes are. But I don’t even give an online recipe 2 seconds if it doesn’t have a photo. If it has a poor photograph of the dish, there’s no way that I’ll want to make it. If it doesn’t appeal to me visually, it will just look awful and why would I want to make an awful dish? Amazing food photography makes me drool and makes me CRAVE whatever I’m looking at. So I guess that means that I’m going to try to get back into photography. I’ve always loved photography, just wasn’t good at it. I’ve had the equipment since college, took the classes, attempted to roam for shots, but still ended up loosing my interest in taking photos. I’m hoping to get back into it with food. I’ve always loved food photography. I know that I still suck at it, but I should at least attempt and see if I get the hang of it again.

Cori sent me to this site (Digital Photography School) and I think it’s pretty awesome! Through that site, I found this homemade light tent. I just built it and tried it out with a red pear that I have. Not the most awesome photo, but as I said before. I have to keep working on it until I get it right.

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