Android App Market Review 3

February 15th, 2010

Here are a couple more free apps that I’ve tried out and still have:

Evernote: (by Evernote Corp.) Great app! I’ve been using the Evernote web service since August ’09 and have over 260 notes. I use it as my online recipe manager, as well as adding ideas and planning parties. This app came out last December and made my life much easier since. I love being able to access any recipe with ease while away from my computer (like if I’m at a grocery store and forgot to write all ingredients down or if I had to recall a recipe for whatever reason). The app itself is great as well. There are hardly any functions missing from it. I have the free version, which allows you to take a photo (which it can locate text from a photo), write text or audio notes, and upload them to evernote as well as viewing your other notes already on evernote, of course. I found the limitations for the free version isn’t a huge deal for me (limited to uploading 40MB per month, or  for $45/year 500MB per month and file type syncs).

GDocs: (by WildArt) Not bad for a way to view and edit google documents. Of course, you can view and edit google docs through the website, but I find this to be easier vs. using a bookmark to google docs webpage.

Yelp: (by Yelp) You can upload photos to the site. But strangely you can’t make a review, currently. Hopefully in future updates, they’ll fix that. But other than that, it’s a pretty good app.

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