Beatles' Hey Jude…Baby Korean Style

March 14th, 2008


I was emailed this and it is so incredibly cute! The Story attached to the email says that this little boy, born in Korea 2003, LOVES the Beatles. He has never been taught any English, trained in music, nor visited any English-speaking countries. He just taught himself by listening to the songs and he can now sing 40 of the Beatles songs. He’s been “dying to learn the guitar, but regretfully, he is too short and weak to get a tight grip on it with his fingers since he was only 90cm in 2007, last year and is still only 100cm now.” “For your reference Hero’s Korean is quite advanced for his age and he has yet to receive any formal training. Korea masscom regards him as a language prodigy; He was also featured in a Special Edition of BEST BABY in February 2008 (the most influential monthly parenting magazine in Korea).”

Click HERE for Ha, YoungWoong’s (AKA Hero) You Tube video.

Hero’s public profile 9 months after this 1st debut video clip on
Part I:
Part II:

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well done, dude

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