G1 Android App Market Review 2

October 8th, 2009

Here are a few more free apps that I’ve tried out and still have:

Toggle Settings (Donut): (by cooolmagic) This the version for the Donut update. This is similar to the other app, Useful Switchers. You can switch between various preset phone settings. But the difference here is that you can customize it a bit, unlike Useful Switchers (Useful Switchers was changed to a paid app, so I uninstalled it). There are two (or more, if you prefer) tabs, and you can move certain settings to a different tab, allowing you to have the frequently used settings on top for easy access and having the less used settings on the second tab. The recent update also shows you which applications are running on your phone (through a little tab at the top that drops down). Clicking the applications name will close that program (like the TasKiller app, which I uninstalled because Toggle Settings has this feature).

myRandom: (byEugene Simonds) This app helps indecisive people. It randomly selects an option that you can’t decide on. You can input up to 5 different options and this program will randomly select one of them so you don’t have to decide.

Facebook for Android: (by Facebook) This is the official Facebook app. Although its the official one, it isn’t the best one. I don’t really think there is a great one out there that’s free. This app is pretty bare and you’re pretty limited to what you can do. Its best for just updating your status and checking your news feed.

DriveSafe.ly: (This is a non-market app. You can’t get this through the Market.) Probably one of the best and most used app that I have. This app will read out loud (free version is in a female voice) your text messages, which is extremely useful for me while driving. Obviously texting and driving is extremely dangerous, and this way I can hear what someone is texting me that might pertain to where I’m actually driving to. It reads my text messages very well. The only thing is that you have to remember to turn it on and off when entering or leaving your car. The day I installed it, I was in line at the post office and forgot to turn it off…everyone around me got to hear my txt message from my hubby. But the benefits outweigh that one problem.

To install, go to this website: http://www.drivesafe.ly/ Click on the G1 phone image. The site will text or email the link to your phone. Once clicking the link from your phone, it will start the download to your SD card (alternatively, you could just type this link to download: http://drivesafe.ly/d?a). If your settings doesn’t allow for non-market apps, when trying to install it will bring you to the setting page for you to check mark the “Unknown sources” box to allow non-market apps to be installed.

The free version’s only limitations are that it can read up to 25 words per message and can only use the female voice. Also, its says that it can read emails (and to turn off reading either text or emails, just change it in the settings), but it seems to only read text messages for me. When checking my settings, I don’t have the option to turn on/off text or email reading. Which is fine, since I only want it to read text messages.

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