Samurai Noodle

February 28th, 2008

We just tried out Samurai Noodle (ramen place in Chinatown) for lunch today. It is incredibly good! I had the Samurai Armour Bowl with Tonkatsu (pork) broth. You can choose the softness of your noodles and add basically whatever you want to your ramen. The Samurai Armour Bowl actually had everything in it already, and was too much for me to eat, but was pretty tasty! For some reason I was expecting the pork broth to be super salty, but it wasn’t! The Armour Bowl has waaay too much food for me to finish. They gave like 3 large pieces of pork (very tender), soy sauce egg (delish!), green onions, bamboo shoots, and some pickled things. Another cool thing is that if you save your broth and you’re still hungry, you can get more noodles for $1.50. Pretty neato. Everyone I know that has gone there loves it. My brother said its similar to what he tasted in Japan, unlike many other ramen places he’s tried around here. One huge problem with the place is that it is possibly the smallest restaurant I’ve ever been in. It’s a hole-in-the-wall with the amount of space as an “express” restaurant that usually doesn’t have any seating, only a counter.

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