Healthy Snack Bars (updated)

March 1st, 2009

I’m looking for a snack bar that is fairly healthy. Something I can snack on when I’m not craving something sweet (chocolate/chocolate cookie) or salty (chips)…perhaps something that could even satisfy my sweet or salty cravings. Lately I’ve been going to our Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies and Oreos & milk to relieve my cravings….. It would be nice to find something that could satisfy my cravings and not be so unhealthy. I’m trying different bars (after researching their nutrient facts online) to figure out which ones taste best to me. I don’t like things that are completely covered with chocolate or any other coating (partial coating is fine). And I prefer something like oats or granola. While searching for this perfect snack bar, I’m primarily looking for:
-calories under 200 (preferably below 150)
-less than 15g of sugar
-5g (20%) or more of fiber
-5g or more of protein
-25% (or more) of the DV for calcium

I know I won’t find the “perfect” bar, but hopefully will find something close to it. Here is what I’ve tried, my opinions on it, and nutrition facts.

FACTS: (each bar may be different, but the numbers are usually around the same)

Cliff Energy Bar: about 70 calories more, contains more sugar, and has less calcium than Luna Bars and Luna Sunrise. Has same protein as Luna bars.
-around 250 calories
-5g (20%) fiber
-21g sugar
-10g (20%) protein
-25% calcium

Luna Sunrise:  Has more Fiber and less Sugar than Luna bars (I want to try Vanilla Almond)
-180 calories
-5g (20%) fiber
-10g sugar
-8g (16%) protein
-35% calcium

Luna Bars:  Has more protein than Luna Sunrise
-texture: like eating rice crispy treats, but not gooey. Has other contents than just rice crisps, like oats, that makes it more solid.
-180 calories
-3g (12%) fiber
-13g sugar
-10g (20%) protein
-35% calcium


Cliff Energy Bar: Chocolate Chip
-texture: chewy and pretty dense
-tasted only ok to me. Jeh seems to really like it



Luna Bar: S’mores
-appearance: normal rice crisps and oats bar with bottom half dipped in chocolate
-tastes very malty
-weird aftertaste at first. After continuing to eat it, I start to really like it
-nice subtle malty/chocolaty sweetness

Luna Bar: Toasted Nuts ‘n Cranberry
-very fruity at first
-appearance: normal rice crisps and oats bar with some Cranberry pieces (not a lot)
-after eating 2 bites, the fruitiness didn’t bother me and is almost like what i was looking for (oats and honey flavor is my fav. plain but sweet). The cranberry is a different sweetness than honey, but it became very addicting and i ended up searching for the cranberry pieces.

Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Raspberry

Luna Bar: Chocolate Raspberry
-texture: slight crunchiness from rice crisps. pretty dense from brownie-like texture
-appearance: looks like brownie (with rice crisps mixed in). Bottom is dipped in chocolate. The top has another coating of chocolate (sort of looks like chocolate frosting) with white swirls all around.
-VERY chocolaty. Hint of Raspberry flavor.
-probably like this one the least

Caramel Nut Brownie

Caramel Nut Brownie

Luna Bar: Caramel Nut Brownie
-texture: a little crunchy from rice crisps
-very chocolaty flavor
-you can really taste the nuts. probably the best part for me.
-appearance: looks like a brownie stuffed with chocolate rice crisps and nuts. Has caramel on top, but is NOT gooey. Seems like it’s there just for taste, not it’s texture.
-not super sweet, but contains 14g sugar
-the flavor and texture is good, though i’m not sure if it would satisfy my chocolate/sweet cravings

If I remember, I’ll post photos of the other Luna bars that I’m missing. I’m really interested in Luna bars because it is PACKED with so many good nutrients:

Vit. A 25% • Vit. C 100% • Calcium 35% • Iron 30% • Vit. E 100% • Vit. K 10% • Thiamin (B1) 80% • Riboflavin (B2) 80%
Niacin (B3) 80% • Vit. B6 100% • Folate 100% • Vit. B12 100% • Biotin 80% • Pantothenic Acid 80% • Phosphorus 30%
Iodine 35% • Magnesium 20% • Zinc 35% • Selenium 35% • Copper 25% • Manganese 25% • Chromium 25% • Molybdenum 25%

Other bars that have good numbers for calories, fiber, protein, etc… just doesn’t have all of these vitamins and minerals. I haven’t found one that compares. And the two that I tried tasted pretty dang good.

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March 20, 2009 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

I like the Luna Bar Toasted Nuts ‘n Cranberry. Yummmy. I think it’s my new favorite healthy bar! Thanks for letting me try yours! =)

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