Little Children

February 26th, 2008

I recently watched the movie Little Children…and boy is the ending gross and disturbing. After I turned the movie off, I could not get that vision out of my head and left me grossed out the entire night and following morning. The movie a whole wasn’t too bad. The only part that I can honestly say that was interesting were the lives and interactions the characters had with each other. An unemployed, house-husband who’s wife that has total control over every aspect of his life, needed excitement and a sense of control in his life. He then meets a wife who seems to lead an empty and boring life in a loveless marriage. Then we meet an ex-cop with post-traumatic stress, who’s determined to drive a local sex offender with a psychosexual disorder away. If you’re easily grossed out, I’d suggest being careful when watching the last scene in the park.

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