San Francisco

February 9th, 2009

Jeh and I decided to make a small 5-day trip to San Fran. Two days before our flight, I started to feel a little sick. The day before, I got a fever of 102.3 degrees. I kept getting a fever every time I would just relax on the sofa or bed and felt better when I was walking around or just being active. Our 1.5 hour flight went well since I just took a nap the whole time. We got to our hotel in Union Square and relaxed there for a bit. My fever was starting again so we just stayed in that night.

The next day was our first full day. Jeh’s cousin, Roger, took us to a cafe not too far from our hotel. I had french toast that looked like it had some sort of custard on the bottom of it. It was very tasty though. Jeh, Roger, and I drove to Fisherman’s Wharf to see the sea lions and walk around the pier. There weren’t many sea lions that day which also meant it wasn’t that stinky there. We saw one that kept pushing two other sea lions off the platforms. After awhile, Jeh and I boarded the boat to our Alcatraz night tour on pier 33. Alcatraz at night wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. Even though I had the flu and caught a temperature just the night before, I was fairly energetic and was able to be active that day. But walking from the boat to the main prison building was wearing me out. The hill was a little too much for me, but I was able to do it. I would highly recommend the Alcatraz night tour. Although, it seems like our friends that did the day tours were able to see more outside and around the island. We were allowed to walk around, but being at night made it harder to see things. But the night tour is better for when you’re in the prison building. After Alcatraz, Jeh and I had dinner at Oyaji with RJ, Roger, and Joyce. I had their ramen and it was quite tasty.

The next day, Jeh took me to a small place called Nini’s Coffee Shop in San Mateo. Jeh says it’s probably one of his top breakfast restaurants. I had an omelet and was probably one of the best I’ve ever eaten. Afterwards, we headed to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. VERY cool place. It’s not scary at all, just weird. Staircases leading to nowhere, cabinets with brick walls behind them, and doors leading to nowhere but outside on the upper levels. After the House, we drove to Chinatown and had dinner at R&G Lounge. Pretty good food and the salt & pepper crab was delish!! After that, Jeh drove us down the crooked Lombard street. Of course, we turned around to look back at it. Very cool.

Our last full day, we started off eating lunch at Blondie’s pizza by our hotel with Angela and Terry. Then we walked from Union Square to Chinatown to meet up with Roger and Joyce. Then walked all the way to Coit Tower. Ate some gelato on the way back down the MASSIVE hill. We bussed back to the Sony Metreon where we played some games at the Playstation store. Walked to Westfield mall, then waited to see the Chinese New Year parade. We ended up only watching about an hour of it, but it was kinda cool. The huge lite up dragon was awesome. Afterwards, we ate dinner at a nearby Mel’s Drive-in. I had their pot pie, and it was possibly the biggest pot pie I’ve ever eaten. It was very tasty though. There was this middle-aged woman that kept looking through the window from outside at my pot pie. Jeh says she wouldn’t stop looking at it. After she stopped to talk to her friends, she comes back and just stares down at my dish. Annoying! I finally looked up to glare at her, but she just looked at me and lipped “is that good?”. After I nodded, she asked me TWICE “really good?” yes “really good?” YES! Geez! Finally she comes in and orders her own damn pot pie.

Our last day we met up with Angela and Terry for some Ghirardelli hot chocolate at the Ghirardelli Square – DELISH!! Walked around the pier for a bit to find food for lunch. Angela just stopped and asked some random dude parked. He sent us to this hidden, but SUPER expensive and fancy Italian seafood restaurant called Scoma’s Resturant. You could order a $75 steak & lobster for lunch, if you wanted to. I ended up just getting a bowl of clam chowder, which was really good. Jeh, Angela, and Terry did the lunch special $24 for a 3-course meal, which ended up being a really great deal and they said their food was really good. We walked back to Ghirardelli square to see all the stores. I really wish I wasn’t sick so I could have gotten the ice cream there. That was the saddest part of the whole trip. Not being able to eat their ice cream. =( A really cool store at the Square, Lola of North Beach. We saw these cool baby clothes there (click photos to enlarge): ipoo’d and fortune tee.

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