Latest updates on the HTC Dream (aka Android phone)

August 13th, 2008

The latest unofficial news/rumors for the HTC Dream phone (aka Android phone & G1) is that it will be coming out September 17th with T-Mobile! Here’s the latest article from PCWorld:

“Price-wise, T-Mobile is said to start G1’s pre-sales on Sept. 17 for only $150 with a two-year contract (iPhone 3G has a $199 starting price point). The offer will be open only to current T-Mobile customers for just one week. After this period, in early October, you will be able to grab the device for $250 while the full retail price is slated at $399. Further details on the data plans sold with G1 have not emerged yet.”

Which sucks for me, since I’m still stuck with the crappy Sprint just waiting for the phone to get released. I’m afraid if I jump into T-Mobile now that they wouldn’t let me upgrade to the new phone for that price because I would have already recently “upgraded”…I don’t know. I haven’t really looked into it yet. Here’s a video that “leaked” out and is supposed to be the HTC Dream phone…but no one’s 100% sure. It could just be a prototype or something:

The video on this site is from a BBC site. It shows Andy Rubin (the “creator of Android”) showing Android off from a phone that looks rather similar to the “leaked HTC Dream phone” video…except it’s black:

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